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12 septembre 2012 @ 17:31
Hi LJ, it has been a while. Life has been plenty eventful, but sometimes hard to describe, and with no time to write about it.

What brings me back? The stupidest thing, really.

So I leave my 2nd day of internship with CJPME at 11:30am and I'm getting home, leaving metro station Lionel-Groulx. I'm unlocking my bike when this guy startles me by asking me if I had some change to spare him for the bus, and then shows me he only has a loonie (bus costs $3) along with a huge smile, looking all friendly and shit. I give him my default answer, "No, I'm sorry, I don't have--" and before I can finish saying "I don't have any change," he shushes me. SHUSHES ME. His face changed completely from friendly, don't-you-want-to-help-me-'cause-I'm-so-nice face, to a face that said, "you already said no, don't give me any excuses, you're useless to me now, so shut the fuck up."

Honestly, I left so angry... sometimes you try to be nice and not just plain-out ignore people asking for money, but from now on, I'm going to... or I'm just going to say "No." No more "sorry," or "have a nice day nonetheless." Just look at them and say "No."

... Seriously. He shushes me and puts his finger to his lips. I wanted to slap him.
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Stephaniemairelys on le 13 septembre 2012 01:58 (UTC)
Oh man. A couple of weeks ago, a bum (who was probably also homeless, but this guy's personality made him a bum) asked me to buy him a hamburger. I mentally thought "Are you kidding me, a hamburger? There's a homeless shelter that gives out delicious meals (and I know because I've volunteered there and they pay you in a meal - its always wonderful) and you're asking me to buy you a hamburger -_-) but I said, "Sorry, I don't have any cab on me" which was true. And he ruffled my hair. RUFFLED MY HAIR. I punched his hand and yelled 'Fuck off'" haha but seriously HOW DO YOU THINK IT'S OKAY TO TOUCH ME

Rude people. Makes you glad you didn't help them.
Stephaniemairelys on le 13 septembre 2012 01:59 (UTC)
Urgh iPhone. No cash, not no cab.
Estefania: 4 - wonderla_rola on le 13 septembre 2012 16:43 (UTC)
OMG, I would've done the same thing... how can he ruffle your hair, wtf!!

I know! Which is kinda bad, like, I don't want to feel like a bitch and go "No! Get a job!" But some people... I think that they target us because, oh, look, nice little girl with a backpack, I'll probably just intimidate her into giving me money, or she'll just feel bad for me, BUT I GOT BILLS TO PAY TOO BUDDY. And I now you weren't asking for cash for the bus, stop giving me dumbass excuses. I think that's what I'm going to say next time... "Is that money really for the bus? Where are you going?" See if that catches them off-guard...