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28 novembre 2014 @ 21:17
Friday Bliss  
I absolutely adore my Fridays.

Because I don't have to work, I get to clean the whole apt, I have my piano lesson, and I get to spend the wholeee day with Knight. <3

Today I should've done more though, I admit. And hopefully I'll find the motivation to do it after writing this entry. We'll see though, I can't make any promises...

Why? Cause we're packing up all our stuff, getting ready to move to our new place :) --Awww I wish the link from the real estate agency still worked >:( But since the unit was already sold, they didn't need to keep it there, I guess...

I'm super excited about our new place! :D :D :D So many projects, so little time (so little money right now, too!)...

Next time I'll take a video so I can post it here. ^_^
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