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15 octobre 2011 @ 18:09
Nikki Vid <3  
This is my Nikki!!

Very short video about her wanting to go outside... She was being cute, so I held off on taking her out to take a video. :P

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Stephaniemairelys on le 16 octobre 2011 03:16 (UTC)
You got a puppy??

So cute!!
Estefaniala_rola on le 18 octobre 2011 10:51 (UTC)
It's my roommate's dog, but I totally love her as if she were mine <3
Madame l'Insenséetitelyd on le 19 octobre 2011 01:28 (UTC)
haha j'adore! Isn't it weird when you talk to a dog you always have to have this weird pitch like "On va dehors? On va dehors!! Oui on va dehors!' It's like as if you were yourself very excited to go outside ;)
Estefaniala_rola on le 19 octobre 2011 01:32 (UTC)
hahahahaha... I knoww... 'cause I wasn't!! It's cold now... :/
lamymyklamymyk on le 21 octobre 2011 02:48 (UTC)
T'es en bermuda et en gougoune dans maison, en tout cas! :P
ignatzdiq on le 03 novembre 2011 08:29 (UTC)
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